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Participation for students (flow chart)
Participation for students (flow chart)


Who is eligible?

  • MAD is open to secondary school students (from Forms One to Six) who are residing in Malaysia.
  • Participation is through schools in Malaysia only.

What are participants required to do?

  • Produce and submit at least one entry – a photograph that conveys the theme: youth making a difference, with a 150-word write-up on the youth featured and how he / she is consistently inspiring social change.


General requirements

Entries must be:

  • created on/using the original blank contest template published in the Star-NiE pullout dated April 12, 2017.
  • completed with the students' and the school's contest coordinator's details on page 7 of the Contest template, and must include the school stamp.
Format/content requirements
  • Each photograph submission must be printed in colour, on a sheet of 5R photo paper (5" × 7" or 127 × 178 mm), and pasted on page 7 of the Contest template.
  • A copy of the photograph must be saved onto a compact disc (CD) and submitted along with the entry form and 5R photograph.
  • For safekeeping during postage and handling, the student is advised to write his / her name, contact number and school name on the CD itself and place the said CD in a casing, before pasting it on page 8 of the Contest template. The Organiser will not be held accountable for any damage incurred during posting and handling.
  • Entries of photographs for this Contest must be taken in 2017.
  • The photograph must be original and have not been published and/or submitted for any other competition.
  • Digital image manipulations (such as through Photoshop) which alter/change/misrepresent the true situation or content of the image originally captured will be automatically disqualified.
  • Entries must include a 150-word write-up on the youth featured and how he / she is consistently making a difference in society.
Avoid plagiarism
  • You may conduct research using books, articles and the Internet but materials must not be plagiarised. Plagiarism will result in the automatic disqualification of an entry.
  • Marks will be allocated for creativity, composition, colour, contrast, quality, impact, concept and proper use of language.
  • With all things being equal in the submission, weight will be given to the write-up.