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Student's Corner


Participation for students (flow chart)
Participation for students (flow chart)


Who is eligible?

  • Game4Life is open to:
    • primary school pupils from Years 4 to 6.
    • secondary school students from Forms 1 to 6.
    • Malaysian students studying in International schools located in Malaysia
  • Participation is through schools in Malaysia only.

What are participants required to do?

  • Form a team of 4 members.
    • Each student can only be a member of one team.
    • All members in the team must remain in the same team throughout the competition.
  • Under the supervision of a teacher, produce and submit at least one entry – a Public Service Announcement (a 'PSA') in the form of a poster or a photo ad.


General requirements

For both primary and secondary schools, entries must be:

  • created on/using the original blank contest template published in the Star-NiE pullout dated April 13, 2016.
  • completed with the students' and supervising teacher's details on page 8, and must include the school stamp.
Format/content requirements

Entries must:

  • fit the size of the centrespread (pages 6 and 7) of the contest template and be in the form of a poster or photo ad – containing a slogan – that conveys how sports can be a vehicle for social change. The headline, body copy and slogan on the photo ad or poster must not exceed 100 words and must be in minimum font size 10. The layout of the PSA can be in portrait or landscape format.
  • include a write-up explaining the message of the ad (in not more than 150 words) and the concept of the ad (in not more than 150 words) on page 5 of the contest template.
Avoid plagiarism
  • You may conduct research using books, articles and the Internet but materials must not be plagiarised. Plagiarism will result in the automatic disqualification of an entry.
  • Marks will be allocated for creativity, strength of message, concept, quality and proper use of language.
  • With all things being equal in the ad, weight will be given to the write-up.